How We Deal With Your Support Call

As a client you will either call our support line on:

0845 094 8292 or email

Depending on the support contract type that has been agreed and subscribed to. This will enter our support stream and be pushed to our on call engineers who will aim to respond within 60 minutes. A email reply will be sent to you immediately to alert you that we have received your support call.


Pro-Active and Re-Active Support

We provide remote support to your organisations devices where ever you are located whether it be at home, in the office or on the road even in a different country. Device types include mobiles, tablets, servers, workstations and laptops. You as the recipient of the delivered support simply allow us permission to connect and access your device. Once delivered we will disconnect. This allows you to quickly get on with the days business at hand.

Proactive support will involve connecting to certain devices to correct a fault unattended or for security patch installation that may require a restart out of office hours. Issues and maintenance will be logged and reported to the relevant persons.


Pre Pay Annual Support and Ad-Hoc Support

This can be subscribed to on a quarterly or annual basis. This has the advantage of subscribing to a flat rate charge throughout the year with estimated savings of up to £500 per annum. Pre pay means we will be monitoring your organisations services 24/7 and in many cases be aware of an issue and exact a solution for repair before you know about it. Pre pay customers also are entitled to some built in value add facilities that ad-hoc customers do not enjoy.

You do not have to be a current client to attain support or exact some quick remedial action from us. Many organisations or individuals will contact us on a need now basis. You will have access to the same level of support whether you are a home user, business or public organisation.

Simply either email us  on or call us on 0845 094 8292

Onsite Support

We do of course provide onsite support at a flat rate of payment. This can be tailored as regular visits i.e. half day a week or fortnight etc. or scheduled to your requirements. Or a ad-hoc visit to resolve any issues that cannot be solved by remote support or simply work as part of your existing IT team in times of a busy period. Many schools use the service in this way.

“We use a combination of remote support and onsite visits. This completes out support policy and enables us to concetrate with getting on with the days business instead of firefighting. I’m not sure what we would have done without Xtranet-ITSolutions, our IT envoiroment certainly is less stressful you know devices are just going to work.” Glen Ewing CEO Albury Lodge Limited