IT Support For Schools Software Hardware and Curriculum

Xtranet-ITSolutions is a highly successful systems provider and security specialist for education. Our organisation supports and has supplied over sixty network installations within the educational sector large and small. We provide project related resources and ongoing IT management and support services.

Our goal is to offer clients affordable IT with most up to date technology available. With the support of the major manufacturing vendors we have the abillity to deliver enterprise technology at educational prices. With engineers spanning over 50 years of experience we are one of the most trusted suppliers to education within Beds, Herts, Cambs, Suffolk, Northants and Bucks.

The Way We Work

Each individual school is different. We can manage your existing IT or plan for the future for new infrastructure. We work on a flat rate system whereby you are in control, We provide a engineer who will visit your site to inventory all of your equipment. We will then suggest a schedule for visits for the site. This could be half a day a week or one day a fortnight depending on your needs. From prices starting at £25 per hour your organisation could benefit from eliminating those niggles and snags that happen when you pick up devices to use them.

Not only that our engineers are trained to provide curriculum support and specific training for those devices and any software used.

Remote Support

Xtranet-ITSolutions have the ability to remote into your servers and devices when required. This allows you to get on with the job as opposed to fighting the technology. We can even provide this for your users at home if required for Teacher laptops. Once the fault is eliminated we disconnect.
We regularly remote into the servers and monitor these 24/7 and in many cases fix problems or update software before you are aware of a problem. These problems or remote sessions are logged and frequently reported to the persons concerned. 

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