2Simple Software



2Simple software is widely used in educational organisations, it simply fulfils most of the required curriculum software


That educator’s work with. Manufactured to a very high standard you simply can’t equal the learning experience that is


Extended to the pupils. The software is easy to learn, informative and intuitive.


Winners of many awards the software has been noted as “Outstanding”


As a reseller of 2Simple software we can offer a 30 day full trial including installation and setup help sometimes even on


The same day as the requested trial.


Many different types of programs are available covering many areas of the curriculum



With the advent of cloud solutions a large majority of schools are
subscribing to Purple Mash the online version, you can manage
your subscription and budget and tailor which of the programs you
require. Fully functional and updated without the need for a local
installation this facility can be accesses by pupils from home.
With a reporting module to see the pupil’s progress this marks a new
era in learning.


2Build a Profile is an app that can be installed on Ipads and Android tablets and
allows you to gather observations on the go. It provides consistency of observations
while saving hours of record keeping time and tracks progress from Reception through
to Primary.
Easily installed there is a 10 minute walkthrough list that assures you will soon put this
facility to effective use.

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