Specops Password Reset

Password reset self-service – Quick ROI

Specops Password Reset is a self-service portal that allows end users to efficiently and securely reset their Active Directory user accounts without the need to involve Help Desk staff.   The Windows password reset tool is easily implemented and requires very limited modifications to Active Directory.

Investing in our Specops Password Reset software as a self-service solution is one of the most effective IT investments you can make. Research shows that up to 40% of all helpdesk calls are related to password reset issues. When calculating how long a password reset operation takes, how much this costs and the volume of password reset issues one organization processes in just one year, a password reset self-service solution such as Specops Password Reset is a simple cost effective solution to justify to management.

This Windows password recovery tool eliminates the most common reason for users to contact the help desk, i.e. forgetting their password or having their account locked out. It also makes the password reset/account unlock process more secure through a combination of secret questions and/or sending a one-use verification code to the user’s mobile phone.

Innovative… yet so simple to use

All users enrol with Specops Password Reset which defines a number of questions and unique answers that will be used to securely reset the user’s password.

Specops Password Reset tool also includes a text message function which sends a one-time-use verification code to the user’s mobile phone. The powerful combination of answering questions and use of a verification code make our solution more secure than the competition.

Please note that the enrolment phase is not required should you choose to use only the mobile phone verification code for user authentication.

For when it is needed, Specops Password Reset tool includes a graphical, easy to use, web based interface for help desk personnel to empower them to manage and reset passwords.

Windows password reset tool….helping you when you need it

Assistance is also provided in this interface to assist with compliance to the domain password policy or the fine-grained password policy.

The password change web interface used is identical for end users and help desk personnel. It provides real time assistance when changing passwords to make it simple to comply with the organization’s password policy.

Reset Password self-service….hassle-free Windows password recovery tool

End users receive a new “Reset Password” self-service option at log on. Following this link opens a secure browser to answer your pre-defined questions, as well as entering your one-time verification code sent to your mobile phone (if implemented).

The entire reset password process is fast, secure, reliable and of course “self-service”


  • Self-service password reset software – Users reset and/or unlock their own accounts in a secure process
  • Define any number of secret questions and answers
  • Password expiry notification by e-mail
  • One-use cell phone verification codes to increase security
  • Close integration with the default domain policy, Specops Password Policy as well as Server 2008 fine-grained password policy
  • Flexible number of questions; mandatory, predefined or user defined
  • Integration with cell phones (optional)
  • Multiple domain support: New Windows Identity Foundation based authentication architecture allows enrolment of users from anywhere in the world.  Product can be used across multiple domains.
  • Full Customization: User Interface Customization Tool allows full customization of every aspect of end user interface, including graphics and localization – making it super easy to give the product your own corporate branding
  • A reporting web page that can be used to see enrollment, reset and license statistics in the system
  • Enhanced Enforcement: Improved enrolment enforcement mechanism gives administrator the option to set different levels of enforcement actions for end users
  • Multiple language support
  • Enable helpdesk staff to verify that callers are actually the Active Directory users
  • Option in the configuration to send email notifications when certain events takes place in the system. The events implemented are password reset by user, password reset by helpdesk, user enrolment, user locked out from SPR, account unlocked by user and enrollment reminders.
  • An option in the configuration allows for users to update their mobile number, in Active Directory, during the enrolment process. There’s also an option that requires validation of the entered mobile number by sending a verification code to it.
  • A custom message can be showed for the end-user when the user has completed an enrollment, a password reset or a password change
  • Re-enrolment can be forced either through the Helpdesk for a single user or through the Group Policy Object for all users affected by the GPO
  • When a password is reset through Helpdesk, the option “User must change password at next logon” can be set
  • The “initials” attribute is displayed in the Helpdesk search result page to make it easier to distinguish users