Mobile Device Security

It doesn’t matter what kind of mobile device you have today there will always be some persons abusing the use or trying to steal data if not the entire device from you.

We have the intelligence to help and secure or even monitor the live location of a stolen or lost device, or even a vulnerable family member down to several feet.


You probably would not have a clue if you have been compromised and it may take minutes to realize that your mobile device has been stolen by which time the perpetrator will be gone without a trace.


A proportion of apps that are widely freely downloadable these days may contain spyware or keyloggers which trace your movements on the device.

How would you know what is being sent from your device!!

Arm Yourselves

There are various ways you can protect yourselves. Fight back, stop the intrusions, catch the perpetrators and stop personnel details falling into the wrong hands whether you are a home user or corporate user.

Secure business phones stop intrusions and data theft within corporate networks using the “bring a device to work scheme” or even if they are company phones. Secure against newspaper intrusions spying and detect who’s orchestrating the action.

For corporate or home/private use this is very appealing.

Here at Xtranet we can help you achieve this professionally and confidentially.

We can’t give you too much information here as the way the system works is confidential.

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