Ipad Management



Managing deployments and maintenance of Ipads has become very challenging for Educational Organisations.

Do you have in place the legal protection from your schools mobile device policy and can you deliver to protect your students and staff!!

It’s a whole new ball game.

Some of the challenges include:

  • Turning them into curriculum resources instead of internet browsers
  • Managing app deployments i.e. deployment on mass.
  • Backing up the ipads.
  • Securing the ipads in time of thefts and locating them.

Xtranet-ITSolutions has met this challenge head on. We use a deployment facility whereby all of your Ipads are accounted for and inventoried.

The following benefits are:

  • Apps managed and deployed to groups or all devices.
  • Policy management secure app deletion/installation etc.
  • Tracking of Ipads down to a postal address.
  • Custom resources made available such as videos on mass.
  • Protection for the schools credit card.
  • Buy apps in volume with over 20% discount.
  • No need for on mass engineering time for Ipad management.
  • Lock and wipe data remotely in case of theft.

Included in the above is access to My Big Campus, My Big Campus is the buzzing educational hub between students and the Web. It takes all the features of an LMS (like lessons, assignments, reporting and calendars) and puts them into a safe, collaborative community. With My Big Campus, students are engaged, educators are inspired, parents are involved, and IT is confident that everything’s safe. My Big Campus brings together all the tools students and educators need and makes them easy to access and share — so it’s easy and fun to learn.

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