Administration Tools

Having and using the right system administration tools can make the difference between Admin Hell and Admin Heaven. Here at Xtranet, we have spent years using and testing different administration tools both for our customers and for our own in-house systems. 

We recommend Specops Software solutions because of their ability to get the job done, easily, quickly, reliably and cost-affective.

Specops Deploy – A suite of programs to help manage all aspects of application and operating system deployment and upgrades.

Specops Gpudate – Get complete centralised control and remote administration of all your Active Directory Users and Computers. 

Specops Password Suite – Centralised management and synchronisation of your Active Directory passwords with any other connected systems. Unify your Password Policies across all your business systems!

Specops Active Directory Janitor – Easy centralised management for all your Active Directory Users and Computers. Includes tools for account information. Security risks, account management of orphaned or unused accounts and more!