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The complete password management story

So your organization still uses passwords for authentication?

Don’t worry! You’re not alone and there are plenty of reasons why most organizations can’t and won’t replace password based security, despite over 20 years of IT-industry predictions that this would happen.

Passwords still offer, by far, the best security/cost performance of any authentication solution. The concept is easy to understand and use and in some cases passwords are the only practical authentication solution available. Perhaps most importantly – password based security is a system you already have in place, and it works!

So what can be done about the current issues with passwords?

Is makes a lot of sense to start by improving the security level of your passwords to prevent casual attacks and ensure regulatory compliance. Making sure that your new security policy is in effect across all systems used by your organization is also good to prevent attackers from gaining entrance through any weak spots. Finally, you need to make sure that the increased password security doesn’t come at a high cost to your users, as reduced productivity is likely to be a more common foe than hackers to most organizations.

The Specops Password Suite brings the award winning Specops Password products together in a single package to give you a complete solution to all these problems.

Enforce password complexity and compliance with Specops Password Policy

Specops Password Policy allows you to create as many different password polices as you need, and improves password security by enabling a whole range of complexity settings which are not available in the standard Windows password policy.

Easily managed through Group Policy, these settings allows you to ensure that your organization is compliant with even the strictest of password regulations. Since you can create as many different settings as you want, you can also remove unnecessary complexity requirements for users with little or no access to sensitive information.

Extend your password complexity rules across all your systems with Specops Password Sync

Specops Password Sync ensures that any change to a password in Active Directory is immediately synchronized to any other connected systems the user is registered in.

This effectively extends your Active Directory password policy settings to all of your other corporate systems, while giving the user a single, natural location to change their password. Using the same password for all corporate systems also reduces the risk that the users resort to writing down their multitude of passwords in order to remember them.

Enable the users to handle their own password issues with Specops Password Reset

Passwords may be a lot cheaper than other security solutions when it comes to problem management, but any helpdesk manager will attest to the fact that dealing with password related issues is certainly not cheap. Every day millions of passwords are reset across the globe by support resources which would be far better spent dealing with less trivial issues.

Fortunately it is very easy to remedy the situation by allowing the users to securely reset their own passwords when they forget them. Specops Password Reset gives your users easy access to the reset functionality directly from their Windows logon screen, or even from other systems in your organization such as your web mail or intranet. Since the service is available 24 hours per day, the users are free to reset their passwords whenever they need to, from wherever they happen to be when they realize they have a problem.

When used together with Specops Password Sync the new password also gets synchronized to any other systems where the user needs to log in. All in a single operation handled by the user without the need for helpdesk intervention.

Extremely fast implementation and ROI

The award winning Specops design philosophy of extending existing Windows functionality and managing our software through Group Policy ensures high reliability and an extremely fast implementation time for the Specops Password Suite. Due to the high cost of password management issues there are also few investments which offer a better ROI. A typical organization starts saving money in a matter of weeks rather than months or years.

Don’t wait until the hackers come knocking on your firewall, request a demonstration of the Specops Password Suite today and start your journey towards a computer environment where password problems is a thing of the past!


Overview    Features