Specops Gpupdate

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Easy to access

Everything in the feature list and more is available with a simple right click on your mouse. Select computers to manage through the Active Directory Users and Computers interface or through Searches of Active Directory. Even entire OUs can be selected. After executing a command, you will get instant feedback in a graph.

Keep track of your actions

The interface provides detailed feedback about the command execution on individual systems, including any errors encountered.

Easy to use graphical interface

Specops Gpupdate Professional comes with the same easy to use Graphical User Interface found in Specops Gpupdate. Commands are accessible through a main window and each individual command will show you the PowerShell code it runs when you execute it. If you are familiar with other Specops products you will also recognize the Help section to the right of the interface, which displays detailed help about the available commands and settings.


Overview    Features    Technology    References