Specops Self Service Portal

Fully Automated User Initiated Workflow for Software and Operating System Deployment

The Specops Self Service Portal (SSP) allows a user to request applications automatically without contacting the helpdesk. SSP portal is a stand-alone product that can be used in combination with Specops Deploy or with another deployment solutions that can utilize security groups for control.

There is built-in support for a request and approval workflow with deployments per user and per computer with control of which computer(s) a user can request software to.

The main focus of SSP is to manage application and OS Deployments, but it can also be used to manage other scenarios like Access to Shares, Mail Distribution Lists or other security group features.

Some customers may allow users to request access to services (controlled by for example Group Policies security filtering) through SSP in addition to applications

  • Microsoft Direct Access
  • Microsoft BitLocker
  • Folder Redirection
  • Offline Files
  • Access to Network Shares
  • Access to Printers
  • Distribution lists