Specops Deploy what does it do ?

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What is Specops Deploy?

Specops Deploy is an Active Directory integrated deployment system which fully automates the process of installing operating
systems or applications in Windows environments. The system runs within the existing infrastructure and is capable of quickly installing or reinstalling Windows and any necessary applications whenever the need arises.

By utilizing all the powerful technologies included in the standard Windows platform the system is extremely easy to implement and requires very little maintenance once it’s up and running. Specops Deploy also removes much of the complexity traditionally associated with automated deployment systems, making it the most efficient choice for any size of Windows environment.

A properly configured Specops Deploy environment is capable of handling the installation of new computers directly at the workplace of the end user. Simply unpack the new hardware, connect it to the network and turn on the power. Specops Deploy can handle the rest.

Operating System deployment

Specops Deploy / OS extends the functionality of three standard Microsoft components and integrates them with Active Directory. By using the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK), Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 (MDT) and Windows Deployment Services (WDS) as our base technology Specops Deploy ensures that your deployment platform will be able to evolve along with the rest of the Windows ecosystem without having to rebuild the entire solution.

The true benefit of Specops Deploy / OS, however, lies in the Active Directory integration and the ease of management it brings to our customers.

Want to re-install a computer? Simply right-click on the computer object in Active Directory Users and Computers and let the system take care of the rest, no matter where in the organization that machine is located. Have you ever wondered what’s actually happening out there when an OS deployment is in progress? Specops Deploy / OS offers a real-time monitoring tool where admins can monitor the progress of all deployments and catch any errors as soon as they occur. 

Software deployment

Specops Deploy / App extends the functionality of Group Policy with all the enterprise ready software deployment features the standard Group Policy software installation component is missing.

Managing application deployment through Group Policy is extremely powerful as the nature of Group Policy makes each individual client computer responsible for figuring out which applications it should download and install. This removes an incredible amount of complexity found in other systems and allows the administrators to focus on the things that matter to the client, like where the installation files are located and what commands are necessary to complete the installation.

Specops Deploy / App also includes real-time monitoring of active installations in the network, allowing you to track the progress of your software installations as they happen. Errors are immediately reported back to the administration tool for efficient troubleshooting, making Specops Deploy one of the most reliable deployment systems on the market. It is not uncommon for our customers to reach successful installation rates well above 99%.

Installed software is naturally fully managed, meaning it can be easily uninstalled, re-installed or upgraded to newer versions with a few clicks in the administration tool. 

Who can benefit from Specops Deploy?

Any organization with an Active Directory environment will benefit from using Specops Deploy. That said, there are differences in what motivates our customers when they make their decision.

For smaller environments one of the most obvious benefits is that Specops Deploy is easy enough to set up and configure that it makes sense to invest in an automated environment despite the fact that there aren’t that many machines to manage.

With increasing environment size and complexity, the benefit shifts more and more into the total cost of ownership area. Since Specops Deploy extends the centralized management features provided by Group Policy to also control OS and software deployment it is easy for a small team of administrators to operate the system, even in enterprise environments with tens of thousands of computers.

The ability to scale with the existing infrastructure also makes Specops Deploy an attractive choice for all types of organizations. If your current network setup is scaled to cover the needs of your organization, you’re ready to invest in Specops Deploy and allow us to unlock the full potential of your earlier investments


Overview    Features    Technology    References